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Gold Canyon

Water More Precious Than Gold

Water: More Precious than Gold

An incredible start to a unique desert community 

If you’re lucky, you can catch the view of the Superstition Mountains while driving east on the US60 during a classic Arizona sunset. For those who live in Gold Canyon, this spectacular view is an everyday treat. This was the intention of the community’s developer, Harold Christ. When Christ initially began developing the area, he envisioned building a community that incorporates the natural beauty of the desert into the unique appeal and fabric of the community. According to Christ, the biggest challenge during development was finding consistent access to safe, reliable, and quality water.  Water was then and remains today the most precious resource for Gold Canyon. But something today is different. 

Today, Arizona and the Southwestern United States are facing unprecedented issues: an over twenty-year drought, changing rain and weather patterns, and first ever shortage declaration on a previously stable water source, the Colorado River. It is a time for action.

Taking action:

Water Conservation

Water conservation means increasing the efficiency of water use, decreasing water waste, and maintaining our high quality of life. Looking to the future of the community, it is critical that we as water users are informed, educated, and empowered to manage our water resources so that the community can continue to thrive. 

The Water: More Precious than Gold program is a demand management program built specially for Gold Canyon. A demand management program is a water conservation program with one important distinction: it expects the water utility to increase efficiency and decrease waste just like the community. This program takes a close look at the existing water conservation efforts put forth by the utility as well as the current water conservation ethic within the community and looks to build new elements that will effectively engage with water users. Those elements are a public engagement program through Facebook, large landscape water audits for commercial water users, and quarterly presentations on various water related topics relevant to the community. 

What to Expect

Every month, a unique water topic will be covered on the Water: More Precious than Gold Facebook page that ranges from general water resources for the community, highlights of conservation resources and efforts that are being implemented, and everyday actions Gold Canyon water users can adopt to conserve water. All the content is created with the goal of empowering residents and businesses to do their part to make sure they are using water efficiently. The quarterly presentations to the community will feature subject matter experts as presenters and Q/A sessions so attendees can get all questions answered. These presentations will begin January 2023.

For commercial water users, the program will provide landscape water audits for irrigation systems at no cost to the commercial property. These audits will look to identify leaks as well as inefficient water use and result in a report summarizing actions the property can take to conserve water.

Questions about Water: More Precious than Gold?

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